Blue Monday

Quick update on the music , I am currently recording new material , its heavy grungy with a sprinkling of punk , and I think its the real me  . Looking back I was very lucky to witness a transformational time in music with bands like The Clash and Sex Pistols through to what became the numerous indie bands of the 90's it gave music a raw emotion that makes you feel alive . The first of this should be available soon so stay tuned ….

On another note ( no pun intended ) today is Blue Monday supposedly the most depressing day of the year , I've done a lot of contemplating of things like this , I was lucky enough to receive a jolt up the backside from the Universe that leads to long periods of reflection and looking within oneself , and the problem isn't unhappiness in my humble opinion , the problem is that we expect to be happy all the time , to live a perfect life , to not make mistakes and the pressure is even greater nowadays with a plethora of people offering positivity advice everywhere you look and I've come to the conclusion that's its all utter bullshit , being overly positive is just as out of touch with reality as being overly negative , so here's my advice , its ok to be unhappy sometimes we only become happy again by going through it , nobody lives a perfect life they just like you to think they do , normally so they can sell you something ! and finally its quite ok to make mistakes , I should know ! laugh about it ! because none of it matters . Live , Love and Laugh that's all you need , sometimes it hurts but the good times always make up for the bad .