Christmas Come Early .

Most people know the story of the three wise men , following the star of Bethlehem , but did you know there is no star of Bethlehem ? Astronomers have various theories that it may have been a planet , or a conjunction of different planets , but no real physical explanation exists . Astrologers on the other hand would tell you that the three wise men were members of a Persian group of Astrologers called Magi , and that the story has a different metaphorical meaning . So does Astrology work ? Can it lead you to where you need to be ? Can it depict the future ? In my opinion , yes , but probably not in the way you might expect , you see , we tend to see things of the past through our eyes of today , Pennies from Heaven we see in the financial sense , but originally and spiritually its not necessarily financial , the word ‘money’ is thought to be derived from Juno Moneta a Greek Goddess in mythology , she was a Goddess of Love and Marriage . So back to Astrology , can it predict , guide us ? i think so yes but maybe more in an emotional sense , a kind of emotional weather forecast , it can tell you when the best time to sail your boat  as the wind is blowing in the right direction , it can also tell you when you're likely to experience waves , but it can't really tell you where to sail your boat to , that decision really rests with us .

In other news back on dry land , i've been recording more music this week , which will form a second album and i look forward to sharing it with you all in the future .

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