Saturday 28th September

Sorry its been a while , but sometimes life just gets the better of us .

After a very difficult last couple of years , I've taken some time out this summer , from time to time you've just got to sit and breathe and reconnect with what you are , so i have  spent some time in the South of France and Corsica with my son  , who is now taller than me ! and it seems quite capable of drinking me under the table !  it doesn't seem two minutes since i was carrying him around , it just goes to show sometimes minutes pass like years and at other times years pass like minutes , but for all we know we only get one chance at this thing so you've got to make the most of the ride , so live , love , forgive but most of all laugh often and trust what you feel , because what we feel is far more relevant than  what we think as most of the shit we think is put there by other people and its not the truth its only what they want you to believe is the truth , sometimes we just need to sit quietly and remember that .

I have a new single called " My My My " out , available to stream on all the usual platforms , the song was one of those that arrived out of the blue 5am one morning as seems to be the case with me , it actually took about an hour to write but recording it has been quite an ordeal but eventually we arrived at the destination.

I would like to wish a heartfelt thankyou to all you amazing people who have taken the time to listen to my music , especially in the United States , I really have been overwhlemed by the response and would love to come and play some shows if there are any friendly promoters / venues out there ;)

In the UK i will be playing at the Northern Quarter , Huddersfield as support for the amazing "Snapping Twigs " on Friday 18th October so come along if you get chance .

Anyhow , i am back , good as new and working on new stuff in the studio , which I will keep you updated with together with more live gigs and a session for Youtube , so watch this space ……...