Sunday 3rd November

Hello ! and a special hello to my namesake who it turns out lives nearby , small world ! 

What have I been up to ? well I am currently recording a new single which is going really well , I wrote the words to it four years ago along with some rough melody , but it never quite felt right until recently , at the time of writing it doesn't have a title and I am trying out different choruses but then as the old saying goes "Bradford wasn't built in a day " so hopefully we will stumble across the answers by trial and error and then proudly claim it was deliberate !

Away from Music , I can proudly announce I have just eaten a mince pie and its only November ! I love this time of year , so much colour as the trees change , crisp air and dark nights , nature is very much representative of our own lives , in the same way that we wouldn't know summer without winter you cannot experience happiness without also tasting sadness , contrast is what makes it interesting .

Huge thanks , once again to all the people who have listened to the songs and to those who have been my inspiration , I love you all .

Stay tuned ………