Lead , Gold and Philosophers Stone .

Anyone who knows me will tell you i'm fascinated by the concept esoteric wisdom , the idea that there is a hidden secret truth in all things , a universal key to happiness that anyone can access , if we look beyond the obvious .

I've always been interested in things like alchemy , is it possible can you turn lead into gold ? and was that ever what is was about or was it metaphor for something else , opinions differ . As it happens you can now turn physical lead into gold , you just need to build a particle collider and get some lead , but the electricity you will use will cost you far more than any gold you produce ! maybe the clue was never in lead and gold but in philosophy , you see i'm a great believer in the fact that we're all alchemists , we turn lead into gold everyday and we turn gold into lead ! Lead and gold are really how we view life , we think we've been dealt a bad hand or a good hand but really good and bad are interchangeable , its all about changing perception , one persons lead is another persons gold and vice versa , the people living in remote civilisations who have avoided the modern world ,then gold is a meal and staring at a sunset , to those of us in what we call the developed world , that is lead , and even when we have material gold if we think we need more , well that's lead too , you can't win ! But maybe you can win if we see that lead and gold are actually the same thing ! and that we find gold by accepting lead and we lose that gold by wishing that we had more of it .

Happiness is not really what you have , its how you perceive what you have , and most of what we think we're lacking is actually just what other people tell us we're lacking .

You can be an alchemist right now , be it being creative and expressing the lead life has dealt you with art or simply enjoying the sunset , watch it turn into gold ! 

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