Firstly my news , thank you to everyone of you who has listened to Prophecy and for the kind feedback , i'm out and about playing songs from it as much as possible at the moment , so check my Social Media pages for gigs . I'm also recording a second album , so expect news ….

Secondly ‘The News’ this is not really music related but has a bearing on all of us , i read a comment on Twitter today which summarised was “I've never known things as bad as this , the state of the World , the climate , disease , corruption ” etc etc , you get the message ! and it always gets me thinking , so i thought i'd write a blog about it .

Are things really much worse ? or are things just the way they have always been and the way we read about them is much worse . You see the thing is (showing my age ) once upon a time the news arrived in a Newspaper once a day and you maybe watched a bulletin on the TV , you took it in reflected and got on with living your life . Nowadays the news is constantly at your side , its on the internet , its on your smartphone , its everywhere you look , and not just once a day , its broadcast , repeated , repeated and repeated by Social Media , and yes we should be aware of the risks in life and be cautious with those risks , but are those risks now greater or do we just read about them more ? Have we merely lost rational perception due to the use of technology ?

The planet we live on is estimated to be 4.5 Billion Years old , although recently scientists have discovered that could be an underestimation it may be actually more , but we'll stick with that , that is 4,500.000,000 years , very early forms of human life originated around 6,000,000 years ago its estimated and modern humans around 300,000 years ago . Our existence is a drop in the ocean of the time the planet has existed , and yet here we are emerging from what was nothing , which is an incredible thing , will we return to nothing , probably not in my opinion we've overcome incredible adversity , to reach this point .

Fear is contagious , but fear now has the biggest platform it has ever had , the guy who used to walk round with a notice saying “the end is nigh” has now gone digital , and fear is a business , it will gain you many like minded followers , you can even begin selling them the solutions to all the problems we face , take away freedom and liberty in the name of the greater good , or we could turn away from all of that and discover it was never the problem we were told in the first place ….

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