'Walking With Mae' Paperback
  • 'Walking With Mae' Paperback

'Walking With Mae' Paperback

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Walking with Mae is a short story book and the inspiration behind the songs of 'Prophecy' and contains the lyrics to the songs .

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My first album ‘Prophecy’ is now out together with the short story and lyrics book called ‘Walking with Mae’ , click the links to streaming platforms to listen or visit the store on here for the book .


After 53 years of preparation i am delighted to announce my debut album Prophecy will be out on the 24th March. A journey through life , change and the winds that bring it and the mysterious tale of Walking with Mae … stay tuned .

Days of Gold  

Days of Gold is out now its the second single from the album. The song signifies a journey through life , a faith in tomorrow , when really the only certainty we have is yesterday. The future becomes what we make of the past . You can stream in the usual places or download free from the website or watch the lyric video here -



Since the release of Fatal Kiss , which was the first song we recorded for the album i've been busy in the studio creating other tracks for an upcoming album titled "Prophecy" its a collection of 13 songs including Fatal Kiss which are very personal to me , its really been a journey through memories and the story of my life , set to music . Our hopes and fears and how they shape the course of our lives and what all of it means , if anything at all .

The album will be released later in the year , in the meantime i will be releasing a second single from it called "Days of Gold" on the 9th September , its a song which is really a nostalgic look at life as we come to terms with who we are .You can find it on the usual streaming platforms etc or follow me on social media for more updates .


Sorry i've not updated on here for a while , i've been busy creating new music , i hope things are getting a little easier for everyone after the last couple of years .I am currently part way through recording an album of songs , i released a single called "Fatal Kiss " from it recently for you to have a listen and a taste of things to come , all being well should have some new songs for you in the not too distant future . In the meantime we did a remix version of "High" which you can listen to here or on streaming platforms , complete with artwork created by my inner child .

Stay tuned ..

New Music 

Following on from the "Miles & Miles" EP i've released some other songs Utopian Dystopian and Out of your window which you can find on the usual streaming platforms . I've also uploaded a couple of tracks on here we made recently called Run and Hide and Three Card Trick . In other news , i'm playing at the Thirsty Scholar in Manchester on the 4th September and playing at Langworthy Live Festival in Salford on the 10th September . I will post further details on my social media :)

Miles and Miles  

Hey guys , i've just released an EP called "Miles and Miles" you can listen to the title track on here or go listen to all the tracks on most streaming platforms . In other news , watch this space , more coming soon ....


Happy New Year to everyone hopefully and despite the early outlook 2021 will be a bit better than the year which shall remain unmentioned !

I released another song just at the end of the year called "Money Don't Lie" , you can listen above or at the usual places , to follow up the last single "Gone"

working on loads of new songs and currently recording an albums worth of new songs which i will release as they are done so keep checking back for new stuff .



I've been asked by a promoter to explain the lyrics to "Clouds" which i released recently so here goes ...

A few years ago i had a spiritual awakening , i didn't know i had at the time , i didn't know what the hell was happening to me , it leads to you questioning every thing you once believed in , including yourself . Eventually i got help , from a Psychologist who it turns out had experienced the same thing when she was younger , so having drawn a few pictures with a box of crayons , she knew the help i needed wasn't conventional and put me in touch with a soul reader who has written several books about the process , i discovered that i was Clairsentient which basically is a heightened sensitivity to people and surroundings , picking up on the energy of situations and trusting your intuition rather than your thinking , i guess going with what you feel rather than what you think .

Clouds is about letting go of the need to think things , which took me a long time as the world thinks you're weak if you don't know but really the bravest thing you can do sometimes is admit you don't know , stop trying to make sense of everything in your life and just accept it , even if you cannot explain it , things happen for good reasons even if we cannot see that at the time , so out of this came my music , which has really been my love all of my life and the realisation that i had the ability to write songs and share those with people . So i stopped questioning and just decided "to be" sometimes the best way of making sense of things is letting go of the need to make sense of them , why do butterflies fly , they just do ......  these are the lyrics below , i hope you enjoy and thanks for reading .


I wander lonely skies 

Walk through a cloud of dreams 

I wander crowded streets 

No one knows where i've been 

I walk through showers of rain 

Way to and back again 

I walk through a sea of words 

With nothing to be heard 

Why nothing ain't right , why nothing ain't right , why nothing ain't right , why nothing ain't right , why nothing ain't right , why nothing ain't right 

Bye bye oh so long , bye bye , bye  bye 

Bye  bye oh so long , bye bye , bye bye 

Butterflies fly , why do butterflies fly , why do butterflies fly , fly fly fly 

I swim along this stream , in colour coded dreams 

I see that you see me 

Set free eternally 

Where no one dares to be 

Why nothing ain't right , why nothing ain't right , why nothing ain't right , why nothing ain't right , why nothing ain't right , why nothing ain't right 

Bye bye oh so long , bye bye , bye bye 

Bye bye oh so long , bye bye , bye bye 

Butterflies fly , why do butterflies fly , why do butterflies fly , fly fly fly , fly fly fly 

Aaah , aaah , aah , aah 

Bye bye , bye bye 

Aaah aah aah aah  , aah aah aah aah , aah aah aah aah




















"High" was a song I wrote back in December whilst looking at the sunrise , its about the fact that we all spend much of our lives rushing around caught up in the madness of modern life that we forget to just breathe and appreciate it all . Little did I know that four months later we would be facing a situation where the modern world has come to a halt. So its not really about this song today , its about the people grieving , those working selflessly to save others and those facing difficult times , my heart goes out to you all .

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